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    WeddingWire Winner 2017

    I was the MOH for my older sisters wedding. I started preparing my materials about a month in advance (aka watching other youtube video speeches, pintrest MOH speech ideas, jotting down memorable and funny stories). That month quickly turned into just 2 days before the wedding, and I still didn't like the flow of my speech. I knew what stories I wanted to talk about, but I had no good way of communicating it into one awesome, effortless speech. The LaughStaff had a quick turn around, like we emailed back and forth with additions and edits 5 times within the first half hour! My speech turned out great! It was ALL ME...just polished! It was heartfelt and funny:)

    Thanks again for helping me look like a rockstar!

    Great MOH Speech

    One of my friends and I had the honor of being Co-MOH's at our best friends wedding. The most freightening thing though, of course, was the speech. We wanted to make it funny, yet memorable and special for the bride. We couldn't quite do that ourselves. We had all the stories, but had difficulty tying it all together. So we turned to laugh staff. They were awesome!! Quick turn around, and the speech included all of our stories, made it funny, and entertaining to listen to. It was totally worth it! I would highly recommend laugh staff to anyone struggling with their speech. Thanks, Josh!! Everyone loved it!

    - Alison

    What do you do when you are asked to give a celebration of life speech? Let The Laugh Staff do it! I was given little time to prepare for my speech and wanted to make it funny yet respectful. What I received was a standing ovation. Everyone was congratulating me throughout the rest of the evening and into the next night. One person even texted me at 2:30am saying "I just have to tell you again that your speech was perfect". I can't thank The Laugh Staff enough especially Cameron. You guys are the BEST.

    - Alison

    Best... Best Man Speech Ever

    It was worth every penny to have everyone come up after and say it was the best toast then have ever seen. Cameron helped with the jokes, timing and structure. It was worth it to get the coaching package as I was able to walk through the speech and make adjustments that I was comfortable with. Cameron wrote a killer joke for me at the end that brought the house down. It does not matter where you are in your speech or how close it is to the wedding, this was the difference for me. I would hire them again, only I would start much sooner.



    The speech couldn't have gone better. Laugh Staff did an amazing job to help with my speech, delivery, and confidence. Cameron had awesome communication with me throughout the entire process, and had my revisions done within 2 days! I had let him know that I was nervous about the speech and he gave me pointers and suggestions to help ease my mind. I would definitely recommend Laugh Staff to anyone in need of help with a best man/bridesmaid speech and give them TWO thumbs up!!! Thanks again Cameron for all your help! :D

    Kristin S.

    Speech Review

    My speech was mediocre at best before contacting laugh staff. They really came through and my speech was a hit! I can't thank them enough.

    Thank you for making MY MOH speech the one guests are still talking about!

    I gambled the week of my sister's wedding having LaughStaff help with my MOH speech. I was expecting I might get a boilerplate but Bri and Cameron went above and beyond concisely weaving details that I could never have pulled off even if I worked on it for a year. They are professionals at communicating and making people laugh- leave it to them!! I could finally sleep because I didn't have to worry about making a fool of myself. The practice and tips with the coach helped tremendously.

    I was so pleased that I asked the BestMan to send me his speech and had LaughStaff polish it- wow was it 10x better after LaughStaff's help. Thanks again.

    It sounded just like ME!

    Highly recommend Laugh Staff and more specifically, Bri. I was very leery about the service for such an important day. But within minutes of submitting my request I was contacted by the co-founder and writer herself. You can tell the company takes great pride in the service. Bri worked back and forth with me to make sure it was perfect. She offered to give me pointers on even delivering the speech. It's amazing how she wrote such a great speech that actually sounded like ME! She knew exactly what questions to ask in order to achieve this goal. She came up with great one liners that are hysterical! Honestly, this service is worth so much more than the money charged. Best deal in town! Cannot stress how impressed and happy I am with Bri! A+++


    Perfect Best Man's Speech

    Laugh Staff really bailed me out on this one! I had been swamped at work with no relief in sight and never had an opportunity to write my best man's speech. Worse, I knew that my best friend was expecting big things from me and was looking for a funny speech as opposed to a sentimental one. A couple of weeks before the wedding I reached out to Laugh Staff and within days I received an amazing first draft. I requested a couple of changes to better reflect my style and I had a second draft the very next day! At the wedding, the speech went over really well. I had the bride and groom in tears from laughing so hard and got complimented throughout the evening. Honestly, even if I have the time, I'm going to use Laugh Staff again in the future now that I've inadvertently set a very high standard for my speeches. (Note: It definitely pays to try memorizing your speech).


    Everyone Loved My Speech!!!!

    My friend Josh Womack went out of his way to help me write a speech and I feel like he did a fantastic job keeping it fun for the whole wedding. I was working on my speech for a couple months but could not quite nail a speech that would reach out to the entire audience. There were a lot of inside jokes I felt the audience would not get and Josh really wrote a speech that was hilarious and was what I had to say, but could not find the right words. I only gave 4 days notice to write my speech and Josh was quick to respond to my silent cry for help haha. At the end of my speech everyone was laughing and I even got a phone number out of it and a couple of dates!!!! Thanks Josh and Laughstaff for helping me write a memorable speech!!!!!

    Dan Z