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    Comedy Management


    Laugh Staff was designed to help comedians chase their dream. The dream looks different for everyone and we're dedicated to meeting the career and personal goals for our comedians. When it comes our comedian's careers, Laugh Staff's Comedy Management Team focuses on two primary areas:

     1. Earning income on stage

     2. Earning income off stage 

    Our competitive advantage is our ability to create business for comedians by writing, social media, consulting, and content creation. Additionally, we are dedicated to increasing our comedians personal brands. The same tools we use to promote our copywriting and speech services are deployed to market our comedians creating a brand boosting machine.

    So why do we do it? Life is about passion, and our passion is helping others get paid for theirs.

    Laugh Staff co-founder Cameron AmigoAbout Us: Our Comedy Management Team is headed up by Laugh Staff co-founder Cameron Amigo. Cameron is a veteran and was a Ship Broker before turning to managing comedians. Cameron also performs standup in the NYC and Connecticut areas providing him with an understanding when it comes to working with all of our clients. But don't let the cheekbones fool you, Cameron is a fierce negotiator. Legend has it, that in third grade he was able to trade grapes and pretzels for a lunchable and chocolate milk. Cameron and his team love what they do and are excited to help you any way possible. If you have questions about joining our team or hiring one of our comedians, please contact us at camigo@laughstaff.com.