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    How to Memorize Your Wedding Speech

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    The number one thing you can do to lose an audience is read a speech. If you’re going to read to them, just e-mail the speech or post it on a blog. 

    A speech is just a collection of stories and should be told like a story. 

    So this leads us to the important part….how do you memorize a speech?

    As a comedian I've written and told many jokes, so this might be the one thing I do that can actually claim to know what I'm talking about. These are my tips for memorizing your speech;

    Step 1: Know what you’re talking about. The more natural you know the content the less you’re actually memorizing. You don’t need a script to tell me about your life, so make a speech about the things that you know & feel; then there isn’t any memorizing involved.

    Step 2: Practice your speech the right way! Not in front of a mirror (that’s not a bad idea, but this is better). When I first started doing comedy I didn’t tell a lot of my friends. This made it hard for practicing, but I wanted to know if my jokes were funny so when I called my friends I would drop my jokes and stories from my routine into the conversation. Do the same with your speech!

    Step 3: Memorize how you feel! It's easier to remember how a story made you feel than memorizing words on a piece of paper. When going over your speech write down the main points and focus on how they made you feel during that exact moment. If you remember how you feel it will allow for a more natural vibe.

    Step 4: Review it. Chances are that only 15% of the people at the wedding know you well enough to get your “jokes” and know your personality. Most will be strangers to you, therefore have a stranger review your speech. If your speech is funny on paper, it’s definitely funny when you tell it with emotion and excitement. 

    Step 5: Have confidence & a backup plan. You’re going to be nervous and that’s okay. To help get confidence you need be prepared and if you read this far chances are you will be, so relax because you're going to do great!

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    The backup plan is simple: Always print out your speech and put it in your back pocket, but before you do, follow these steps: