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How it Works


Why should a comedian write my speech?

Comedians know how to tell stories and more importantly, they know how to make them funny! Your lifetime of memories deserve to be handled by a professional. Here’s how it works: 

Step 1. Deciding where to start

We can create a speech from scratch or punch up what you’ve already written. 

Step 2. Complete a short questionnaire

Think of it as an “informational selfie.” After you answer a few questions we assign a comedian who fits your style and personality, allowing us to write a speech that is personal and captures your voice. 

Step 3. We deliver your speech and you get a standing ovation

Once you sign-off on the final draft you can relax knowing your speech is funny, heartfelt, and designed specifically for you.

The best part is...we're 100% confidential!

Here are some highlights from a few speeches we've written

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