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    Fear of Public Speaking

    How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

    People fear uncertainty, which is why the most common fears are death, the dark (kids), hard work (millennials) and vacuum cleaners (dogs) - the more you know about something the less you fear it. That’s why people have such a fear of public speaking. The fear isn't actually speaking, it's audience's reaction.

    You can overcome the fear of reaction by using these steps: 

    1.  Guide your audience - Construct your speech so you connect early with everyone in the audience.

    Example: If its a wedding toast, mention the bride (if you're the best man), then the groom's family, and lastly their friends. At this point everyone has been mentioned and feels like they are a part of the speech. Follow this pattern of targeting your audience as you write it out.

    funny gif

    2.  Eye contact - The only difference from talking and giving a speech is that you’re doing it in front of more people. Make eye contact with one person while you’re giving your speech. Now instead of seeing a room full of people, you’ll only see one person. 

    3. You need honest feedback on your speech -  According to our questionnaire responses, you'll probably know about 30% of the audience. This is where Laugh Staff really makes a difference. We’re not related to you, we’ll never see you again, and we’ll tell you if your speech stinks. We’ll be nice about it, but we’ll tell you the truth (it’s our job). If you don’t use us, then trust a strangers...just for your speech. Getting a strangers feedback with no emotional tie to your or the bride and groom will let you know if you're content is headed in the right direction.

    4. Be funny on paper - The best way to know you're funny is to guarantee it using the paper test. It works like this: take your speech and hand it to someone - if they can read your speech and think it’s hilarious…then it’s fail proof. The safest way to erase the fear of public speaking is to know you’re funny! The paper test works and it's the reason why Laugh Staff has been so successful helping people capture standing ovations.

    Amy Schumer Joke on Comedy Central

    5. Be You - You are the best man or maid of honor for a reason. PEOPLE LIKE YOU! So be yourself and let your personality come out. Also, stick to the material you're most comfortable with.

    We’ve told thousands of jokes to thousands of people and have written hundreds of best man and maid of honor speeches. We know what works and what doesn’t. Trust us, we take being funny very seriously. If we can help make a difference in your life by helping you overcome your fears then Laugh Staff is everything we dreamed it would be. Call is you have questions about speech coaching at 718-337-8121 or email Cameron directly at 

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    Laugh Staff is a copywriting company built using only stand-up comedians as writers and consultants.  In addition, Laugh Staff's comedians write wedding speeches, dating profiles, and greeting cards.  We feel a wedding speech is the closest anyone will ever come to doing stand-up comedy, so it only makes sense to get help from professional comedians. Our comedians have worked for the likes of Howard Stern, Jon Stewart, and Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update.