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    Content Writing From Professional Comedians youtube-background-new.png

    Your message
    The comedians at Laugh Staff can help your audience understand the value of your business. Effective copy is clear, concise, and actionable. If you want it to be funny, we can do that too. It doesn't matter if it's something as dry as life insurance, we'll come up with the right wording to match your brand's voice and objective. We love life insurance by the way, but most of our comedians keep their 'life insurance' in a shoe box under their mattress. 

     Our mission

    It’s simple, we find out what you want and deliver the power of effective writing. We save you time and deliver quality and entertaining content.

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    Content Writing & Blogging
    Content is king, you've heard it time and time again. In an age where information is thrown at you left and right, let Laugh Staff help you stand out. Blogging is a great way to update your customers on the latest products and offerings, while also giving them an inside peek at your company's heartbeat. Our team writes every day for a living, so let us help your business stay fun, focused, and profitable.

    Live Tweeting
    Tweeting a real time event as big as the Oscars or even the much-anticipated company Christmas party is what keeps business relevant and fun. Want to show your customers you have a comedic side or even a serious take on something happening in your industry? Turn the creative reigns over to us. Comedian Kyle Ayers out of New York City live tweeted a roof-top break up a couple years ago, and he can do the same for you. Not that you have to break up with anyone, but you know what we mean.