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Most Common Stereotypical Wedding Speeches

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Yes, we stereotype....but only when it comes to wedding speeches. Below you'll find a comedian's take on the most common stereotypes found during wedding speeches.

Four things people expect from a Maid of Honor Speech:

1. It will be boring.

2. It will be long.

3. They will cry.

4. They will laugh at their own jokes.

Four things people expect from a Best Man Speech:

1. They will try to be funny.

2. They will have a “serious” moment…usually something like “you’ve always been there for me bro”.

3. They will use it as a 4 minute audition to get with one of the brides maids.'

4. They will say at least one thing that’s inappropriate.

Four things People Hate About Wedding Toasts:

1. Inside jokes (if you tell a joke only two people will get there is a good chance no one will laugh except two people…not a good strategy)

2. When people ask you to raise your drink at the beginning of the speech instead of the end (this isn’t a workout!)

3. Long speeches

4. Someone who is drunk…just playing those are the best!

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